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The wrestler has one arm free, which can be used for balance. Sweet year old virgin is seduced by lesbian MILF. The wrestler then pulls the opponent's arm over their far shoulder and distributes the wrestler's body over their shoulders while having the other hand between and holding onto one of the opponent's legs and stands up. The wrestler pushing the hips forward, the opponent's leg is straightened, and further leveraging hyperextends the knee. Fall of a MILF:

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The wrestler applies a spinning toehold, crosses the opponent's legs and kneels on them.

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Professional wrestling holds

In this toe hold maneuver, a wrestler will grab the opponent's foot and lift their leg off the ground. Nerd uses formula to make his sister his submissive slut. WWE wrestler Carmella uses an inverted variant of this hold as her finisher where she uses her shin to choke the opponent instead, making it resemble a gogoplata. Wwe Wrestler Naomi has crucifix variation calling it Feel the Glow. Backlund's version of the hold incorporates the bodyscissors portion.

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