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All Video Comments 2. The character's name is intended to be a pun for the French phrase " Bon Voyage ". Voyage makes a cameo in the Pixar film Ratatouille as a street mime. Wife Orgasm on my dick. Anthony "Tony" Rydinger voiced by Michael Bird is a junior high school teenager, attending the same school as Violet Parr. The Ambassador voiced by Isabella Rossellini is a dignified foreign official committed to the support and legalization of superheroes. Claire forced a smile back, trying to appear normal, "Something like that," she said, "Anyway I've got practice first thing in the morning, better get an early night.

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The final Omnidroid created by Syndrome was controlled via a remote, which he uses to appear as a superhero by "destroying" it after launching it himself into Metroville. The soles of Frozone's snow boots can change into ice skates, alpine ice skis, and a concave disc he uses as a snowboard. And the little blast was enough to push one of a redheaded cheerleader's feet back a couple of inches. He helps the Incredibles stop the Underminer's drill, and after the battle learns of Winston Deavor's offer to restore public trust in superheroes, bringing Helen and Bob with him to meet Deavor together. The Omnidroid series of robots were designed by Syndrome to use AI and destructive features such as claws and laser guns to target and destroy its enemies. It shouldn't have been, it should have been torn and scarred, a putrid mess as she rotted in a coffin.

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