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While in America doctors will confine themselves to more restrained terms, like "severe," German doctors sound more like the vampire Lestat when discussing your necrotizing fasciitis. EN thick dick fat gross grossly stout thickly turbid turbidly. The fad hit the headlines earlier that year when a Dutch student on vacation at the Taj Mahal decided to treat the eminent structure to a little Dutch hospitality by swinging his tube steak around the place and whacking it on the ancient pillars. Or are phone calls just way more expensive? How easy it would be to blame companies, producers, retail chains and governments for being fat. Even their word for the flu probably sounds like the name of a Black Sabbath cover band.

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EN thick dick fat gross grossly stout thickly turbid turbidly. The reason he thought that is because buttermilk is so wonderfully thick and delicious.

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According to articles that we unfortunately need to rely on Google to translate, there's a case in Hamburg of an unemployed ex-con who gained the trust of a millionaire's widow and, after three years of patient wooing and looking after her dogs, managed to make off with several thousand bucks and two debit cards. Koro is the word given to the crippling fear , apparently unique to Japan and parts of China, that a man's penis is shrinking and possibly even receding into his body to create some kind of man vagina. One can't simply pull out his dongadoodle and swing it around the place and call it swaffelen like some kind of noob. English Follow your dick. English And now the inquest -- you know, Tom's wife and Dick 's wife are distraught.

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