I am a fine art photographer working in Melbourne and Geelong, Australia. I solely work in analogue processes, specializing in experimental and primitive processes. My art focuses on the sublime and the everyday in a voyeuristic fashion. I have a dystopic outlook on the world and much of my work represents the affect of human life on the landscape,  fractured histories and social memory. I deal with the struggle of survival in a hyper real digital world and the insignificance or significance of being.

I hide behind a 35mm camera most of the time and am constantly shooting the world around me. Occasionally this social documentary will transcend into my fine art prints, but often it remains purely as inspiration for future works.

I also like to build cameras, turn other things into cameras, mix up strange chemicals and reproduce early photographic processes. I often find that technology gets in the way of truth in an image, even in early reflex cameras, and i am increasingly turning to more unpredictable methods.

Sometimes i offer myself for hire for portrait shoots that i would prefer to refer to as artistic collaborations. Analogue photography is still the basis of these shoots and i believe i can offer a unique view and experience for subjects.



NOIR Darkroom is Jessika’s prospective new darkroom and gallery. Head to noirdarkroom.com for details or the POZIBLE campaign to pledge.


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