FIGMENT Geelong 2015

11170338_1110257585658091_658481563952654350_nFIGMENT Geelong 2015 was a good one! This year I volunteered on the board as the Communications Director with about 10 amazing other hard working people also in the crew. After several months of really intense long work days, meetings and getting our hands dirty making things we actually made FIGMENT happen. I also finished my Camera Obscura in time and spent the day inside the dark tent teaching them about basic photographic principles. I was told there was frequently a line outside of my Obscura with people waiting to come in. ‘Jessika’s Obscura Extravaganza’ could fit approximately 8 people at a time and had a rotating lens that could allow participants to view 365 degrees of the festival around them. At the end of the day we crushed the obscura and burnt it in my backyard with some beers, reflecting on the epic journey.


Look mum! I’m in Forte!

I did an interview with Forte Magazine about my involvement with FIGMENT Geelong this year. I talk about the importance of community based arts and the need for an arts scene in Geelong outside of pre existing social clicks. MOST IMPORTANTLY however, i talk about my FIGMENT project; “Jessika’s Obscura Extravaganza”! I am working on building a big walk in Camera Obscura for the event that people will be able to sit in and watch the world around them.


Here’s the basic frame so far…already regretting the hexagonal shape!